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Adjustments, Exercise and Back related leg pain

On the back (pun intended) of a news item I saw recently that pointed out that only 23% of us get enough exercise I thought I would look up some research on home exercise v chiropractic adjustments and their comparative effects on back related leg pain.

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Everyone experiences stress on a daily basis. Stress is defined as a reaction to any internal or external stimuli that upsets normal functioning and disturbs mental or physical health. Internal conditions such as illness, pain, or emotional conflict, as well as external circumstances, such as a death in the family, or financial problems can cause stress. Even positive experiences like a new marriage or job promotion can provoke stress.

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The Importance of Good Posture

The importance of good posture cannot be stressed enough in modern times. It extends far beyond our outward appearance and aesthetics. Your posture is an indication of muscle balance and spinal alignment. Chiropractors around the world are seeing a sharp rise in health problems arising from poor posture. Especially in children with the rise in computer games and electronic device use.

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